Sturgis Rally Weddings
That's right. 
You can get married -
in downtown Sturgis -
2120 Lazelle Street
across from Pamida in with J&J Optical
in just 10 minutes -
for just 100 bucks!
You already have both things you need:
1.  A driver's license for each of you (or gov ID).  If you're not an American Citizen, all you need is your passport.  Yes, you can get married here.
2.  40 bucks (but the courthouses only take cash)

Go to any SD Courthouse.  In Sturgis, that's 1300 Sherman St, 605 347-2356 Mon - Fri 8 - 5.  There are no dang waiting periods, blood tests, divorce papers, friggin' birth certs, soc security cards, etc.  No nothin'.  Just 40 bux and your DLs.  Then, call us or just come on in.  You can call ahead for to reserve a time, or just walk-in and we'll marry you on the spot.  It's just that easy. We even have witnesses!
To discuss your wedding
call Joan at (605) 561-1111
email us at
or just walk in.
(605) 499-8311 or (605) 561-1111
next to PAMIDA- 2120 Lazelle St
in the building with J&J Optical
Are you interested in a fancier wedding?
Call us to discuss our full range of services or visit our website:
email us at
Join the many, many happy couples who have been married at the Sturgis Hitchin' Post!!
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The Sturgis Hitchin' Post!
in with  J&J Optical
2120 Lazelle Street - across from Pamida
great parking - easy to find
(605) 499-8311
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in just 10 minutes for just $100
It is very easy to obtain a SD Marriage License.